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Rebalance: 6 ways to detox this summer

Six steps to a brighter you
Rebalance: 6 ways to detox this summer
June 12, 2017   |   



The boutique festival has moved to Dorset’s enchanting Jurassic Coast, yet the line-up remains as strong as ever. And, once you’ve enjoyed The Pet Shop Boys or Dizzee Rascal, take stock in the Slow Motion tent, in partnership with Balance. You’ll find warm showers, wood-fired hot tubs, a dry Finnish sauna and more.


Clean Eating Alice: Everyday Fitness

We’re not saying that you’ll definitely end up with washboard abs just like the titular Instagram sensation, but exercise is made to feel accessible in Clean Eating Alice’s new book.

As well as the sort of workouts you can realistically weave into your daily routine, Everyday Fitness is also packed with delicious and wholesome recipes. (£14.99, Harper Collins)



Consider yourself an active person? Then you’ll want to make sure you’re putting the right things into your body in order to keep those sweet, sweet stamina levels going. Macacha Energy is a plant-protein vanilla shake with maca and yerba mate (£32 for 500g). ‘Yerba mate’ might sound like some sort of cool greeting that you’re not yet privy to, but it’s actually a South American herb that naturally contains caffeine, making it the ideal morning drink.


Jung Shim treatment

This could be just the tonic for anyone feeling run down. Jung Shim is a Korean practice that’s aimed at releasing stress, anxiety and fatigue, thereby restoring vital energy. Pitched as a cross between traditional Eastern medicine and Qi energy treatment, Jung Shim might sound centuries-old, but has actually been around for only 40 years. We’ve been, and can vouch for its effectiveness.


Pukka’s Island of Tranquility

If you ever stare wistfully out of the office window and wish you could escape, you’re in luck. The gang from herbal tea experts Pukka are serving up free teas and wellness classes at its pop-up Island of Tranquility (Whole Foods, High Street Kensington, throughout June and July). A free yoga workshop? Yes please.



According to a recent Mintel study, 46% of Britons take a multivitamin – but with dozens to choose from, how do we know which one is best? Terranova’s Full-Spectrum Multivitamin not only gives you every essential vitamin and mineral, but also a synergistic combination of wholefoods to enhance the nutritional benefits. And like every Terranova product, it’s 100% additive-free and vegan.

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