Cheering on the runners

Why to #BeKind on Marathon day

Why to #BeKind on Marathon day
April 10, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

Not everyone can say that they have cheered as Mo Farah and a man dressed as a T-Rex have run past their house while they’re having breakfast, but I can.

I’m lucky enough to live around the eight-mile mark of the London Marathon. This is London at its most heroic, positive, optimistic, big-hearted, eccentric, inclusive best, and it gives all of us the opportunity to join in even if we aren’t pounding the pavements.


Every year, all my neighbours and I make banners to display outside our homes for strangers, as well as friends, who are running. We cover our walls and windows with them till we’ve no space left. We shout ourselves hoarse with (we hope) witty and encouraging slogans.

We’re uplifted by those tutu-wearing, rhino-costumed, determined runners. It’s inspiring, so take the opportunity this year to get involved by sponsoring someone or finding a place en route to watch and wonder and cheer.


I love the marathon best towards the end – after the elite runners have passed – when the foot sore stragglers come, who often borrow my toilet, who may not be the fittest but try anyway.

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