“Swimming has Changed my Life”

We sat down with Jazz Carlin, Rory Southworth and Ben Hurst to learn how swimming changed their lives
“Swimming has Changed my Life”
October 20, 2020   |    Balance Media

Have you been back in the water yet? 

For many of us, swimming offers salvation, and so the chance to return to the pool now that restrictions are lifted has provided blessed relief.

After all, swimming boosts mental and physical health, and the experience of being alone in the pool while gliding through the water can prove positively meditational. 

Jazz Carlin – one of Britain’s most beloved and decorated swimmers – says: “Swimming has been such an incredibly happy place for me.

“Even with all the things of everyday life, swimming has been that place where I can switch off. I know at times it can be challenging,” adds the two-time Olympic silver medallist, “but it has always been such an escape for me that felt so natural to be there.”  

For many of us, swimming is a hobby. Yet its impact could prove even more profound, as Jazz – an ambassador with Speedo – adds: “Someone once said to me when I was younger, ‘You never know what you might achieve until you give your best and try.’ And I’ve had so many coaches who’ve inspired me; they don’t just teach you in the water, but also in life.”

“It is a challenge, especially with the early mornings when it’s cold and dark. But that’s what makes it all worth it: when you’ve had to go through testing times and challenged yourself. I just enjoyed pushing my body to the limits and seeing what I could get out of it.”

And Jazz, who in 2014 became the first Welsh woman to win Commonwealth gold since 1974, adds: “Swimming has changed my life in so many different ways.”

Rory Southworth, mountain runner, open swimmer and friend of Speedo, adds: “Physical activity is intrinsic to our mental wellbeing. I move a lot and, when I’m injured, that’s hard to take. And swimming – even when I’m injured – has allowed me to still do some pretty extreme stuff.”

“With swimming, there’s a lot in the form and you want to make those small tweaks throughout. It helps me focus and continue when otherwise injured.”

And for Ben Hurst – a member of Swim Dem Crew, as well being an activist, trainer, host, presenter, model and friend of Speedo  – swimming’s impact is felt both in and outside of the pool. Of learning to swim, Ben explains: “It was a massive game-changer because it was all about community. I was in the pool with 15 other people who are adults, which took away the embarrassment. “

And Ben adds: “Swimming is almost like a form of meditation. It is a space where you are at one with yourself. When you’re in the water, you’re just in the water and can’t hear stuff. It’s probably the only time in life that I slow down and think in a non-intrusive way.” 

“Swimming has been a real place to recentre myself.”

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