Six ways to an illuminated you
December 12, 2016   |    Balance Team


The Crystal Maze

It doesn’t matter whether you remember the cult Richard O’Brien-fronted Channel 4 game show The Crystal Maze Experience is all about pure fun, while putting the grey matter to good use. At The Angel, all four zones have been lovingly recreated, culminating in the climactic Dome. Complete challenges, work as a team of eight and go grab the gold.


Happy by Derren Brown

We’ve seen Derren pull off logic-defying illusions and tricks of the mind. But the master magician also proves an insightful and engaging writer in this book that is all about happiness, and our pursuit of it. As you might expect if you’ve seen him perform, Derren is never afraid to let rip at certain self-help gurus, while imparting his own advice.
(16.99, Penguin)


Sweet Virtues

This sounds like we’re making it up, purely so you can lie to loved ones on Christmas Day. ‘I promise: these truffles are packed with goodness…’ But it’s true: these truffles boast chia seeds for nutritional clout (chia can enhance exercise performance, much like a sports drink, but without all the sugar). They’re also organic, free from dairy and will help with all the washing-up after Christmas dinner (well, not actually the last bit).


The Olio food app

It’s a lovely feeling to know that the food you’ve bought isn’t going to waste when you go out for an impromptu meal. That’s because the Olio app allows members of the public and businesses to share unwanted food, perhaps with neighbours or to offer to people who often go without. And don’t sign up just at Christmas, but always.


Backyard cinema

It’s enough to make Santa shed a tear of joy: visitors can watch festive movies here, while snuggled under a blanket and chomping on mince pies, all in the setting of a twinkly enchanted woodland. Where is this magical place? Lapland? No, near Elephant & Castle Tube station. Films include Elf, Home Alone and Die Hard (not lying – it is a Christmas film).


The Light Lounge

This isn’t so much an event as an experience. Book a session, lie down under flickering lights, close your eyes and prepare to be taken on a journey of the self. Some participants have reported a reduction in stress as a result, and some have even seen visions.

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