6 things that will make you happy this month

Six steps to a happier you
6 things that will make you happy this month
April 10, 2017   |    Balance Team


Fisura flip clock

No one likes to see time pass away. So the last thing we’d recommend you do is to literally sit and watch the hands of a clock tick by. But, for when you do need to check what time it is, you should enjoy it courtesy of this smart clock. Boasting a Spanish design with clean lines, the Fisura flip clock is a winning combination of function and cutting-edge style that makes the thought of time ebbing away a little easier.


The 5 Second Rule

No, we’re not saying that if you drop a sausage on the floor and quickly pick it up then it’s good to eat. We are saying that we’ve fallen in love with motivational coach Mel Robbins’ uplifting audiobook. It encourages you to be a better version of yourself. Mel urges listeners to get out of their comfort zone by counting down from five to one and then taking deliberate action.


Savsé protein

At a time when we’re more frantic than ever, our diet can suffer. Grabbing something on the go might save time but, if it’s packed with sugar, it can be harmful. That’s why Savsé products are a favourite: they’re nutritional, natural and delicious. Savsé now has the first ever HPP (High Pressure Processing) protein smoothie range in the form of Protein Blast, Protein Smash and Protein Punch. The Smash, with strawberries, coconut and apple, tastes just like a shake.


One-Piece Bay Short Jumpsuit

Yes, Captain Pedant. We know it’s not summer just yet. But few things say ‘bring on the barbecues and garden parties’ quite like a chic playsuit, boasting plunging neck and back, with low-cut sides. Or, if this isn’t for you (i.e. you’re not a woman), then perhaps treat a lady in your life to this classy jumpsuit (£59), which also comes in black.


Nintendo Switch

Nothing injects a bit of fun into that daily commute quite like Nintendo’s new console, which works as a handheld, and also plugs into the TV for home playing. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a stunning adventure. However, if that seems too much because you’ve not been gaming since the Game Boy was king, there’s gleefully silly fun to be had with 1-2 Switch, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe drops later this month.


GlowyMcGlow events

…It’s a nice idea but how do you do it? It’s not like you can, apropos of nothing, skip down the street, or start challenging work colleagues to a game of conkers (shame, eh?). A trip to GlowyMcGlow from the BallieBallerson team (we are not making these names up) will make you feel 12 years old again. It’s a bar with balls. As in, a giant ball pool. Try the evening and brunch sessions.


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