Why we should #BeKind at Christmas

Why we should #BeKind at Christmas
December 19, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

For most people the holiday season means shopping, parties and food. But at this time of year, spare a thought for all those who make this possible. Last year, I went to Oxford Street to find a present for my niece and got chatting to the weary-looking person behind the counter. I quickly realised how extra opening hours and the sheer number of shoppers made working in retail even more exhausting at Christmas.


I went in the next day with chocolates for her and her colleagues, nothing much but she was over the moon. She told me frustrated customers sometimes shout at them at this time of year and it can be very upsetting.

So it’s worth us all being mindful of this. Try to stay calm and polite. Chat to shop workers. Ask how they’re doing. It sounds simple but it is very easy to forget. And this doesn’t just apply to shops. Taxi drivers, delivery people, bar staff, posties, restaurant staff – even the store Father Christmas and his elves – all need extra care this time of year.

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