Six steps to a ‘greener’ you
November 14, 2016   |    Balance Team


The Christmas Forest
As with so many things that happened in the Eighties, re-usable Christmas trees seemed a great idea at the time (add poodle perms, sleeves rolled up on blazers and shoulder pads to the list). The Christmas Forest – now online and with 10 stores across London – is righting any environmental wrongs with freshly cut trees from sustainable farms.


This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate by Naomi Klein

Having taken on globalisation in her breakout book No Logo and austerity in The Shock Doctrine, Canadian author Naomi trains her sniper’s rifle towards climate change with this meticulously researched and – pleasingly – uplifting account.
£10.99, Penguin


Before the Flood

Oscar-winning duo Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio join forces for this thoughtful,
inspiring film about climate change. Yes, the planet faces a mighty battle but, as DiCaprio traverses the globe to speak with experts and world leaders in order to gain a deeper understanding of environmental issues, the message is still one of hope.
Available to watch on National Geographic’s YouTube channel


Seed Pantry grow pod + seed kit

If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember much-loved sitcom The Good Life. If you’re too young, it was bright and breezy Seventies fare about a couple (called Good, would you believe) who quit the rat race to live self-sufficiently. With the Seed Pantry grow pod, while you won’t be able to give up the day job, you can grow your own herbs, salads and fruiting vegetables in your kitchen. Ideal if you’re lacking in the garden department, which would be much more accurate if The Good Life got a 21st century reboot.


Percol Coffee Capsules

A strong-yet-soothing sip of coffee might make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But what about those plastic and aluminium pods? Percol has it covered: Nespresso compatible capsules, made with organic and Rainforest Alliance certified Arabica coffee. And these pods? Fully compostable.


Oroeco app

Are you in need of inspiration to be greener? Then inject some well-intentioned competitiveness with this free app. Don’t let the opening questions put you off – that’s Oroeco calculating your impact on the climate. Take on friends, earn rewards and – ultimately – make a difference (while beating those friends, obviously).

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