Balance’s festive gift guide: Body/Soul

Presents to heal, restore and replenish
Balance’s festive gift guide: Body/Soul
November 14, 2016   |    Balance Team

Rituals Black Oudh fragrance sticks. A chance to turn any living room into a boutique hotel. What’s more, each set lasts around five months. £39.50,

Smudge Sticks. This natural dried mixed herb incense is used to cleanse and purify a room. £15,

Kenwood PureJuice. Unlock the goodness in superfoods, create your own juice masterpieces and even make almond milk. £199,

Greenhouse Scented Soy Candle. Every family has someone who could do with a candle that smells like a summer garden. £16, earlof

Soap Co Gift Box Trio. A classy way of telling a beloved teenage nephew that they could, you know, shower more. £32,

Fast Asleep Wide Awake. A thoughtful gift for anyone who finds sleep hard to come by. £12.99,

Artogi Yoga Mat. These not only boast stunning inspired designs, but are also eco-friendly thanks to a natural rubber base. £69,

Lululemon Yoga Block. Ideal for anyone looking to become that bit more flexible, the yoga block helps with stretches and alignment. £10,

BKR Bottle. No trip to the gym should be complete without a bottle that screams: ‘I spent more than three seconds surfing the net to find this!’ £20,

Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer. Christmas can mean late nights and early starts, so buy this now. £24.50,

Garmin Index Smart Scale. We are not for a minute suggesting you’ll overdo it this Christmas. But, well, we’ll just leave these here… £69.99,

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. Unwrapping presents is that much nicer when everyone’s hands don’t look chapped. £19,

Avalon Organics. This Brilliant Balance Skincare collection is made with liquorice root and lavender, so it smells good and evens skin tone. £29.99,

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