October 2017

"We are machines and so without these good feelings and being kind, we are nothing. We are plants."
Life, death, Bowie, Brent and beyond - nothing is off-limits as Ricky Gervais shares all with Balance

September 2017

The Reluctant Icon

"The tendency to think badly of one's self is an inverted form of egoism. I've had to starve that to death"
Away from the cameras, scene-stealing actor Bill Nighy is happiest when floating through London during ‘long periods of no work’. Balance gets to grips with a national treasure

July 2017

Work hard, play harder

"Athletes, runners, business people from all walks of life will have their downs. It’s these which teach us most about our character"
Celebrating 50 years as a self-made entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson explains why he’ll never retire – and why he’s still passionate about making a difference

June 2017

A fighting spirit and winning personality

"You’ve got to believe in yourself; it’s all about confidence. I never think I’m not good enough. I know I’m always good enough to win."
Life changed forever for Nicola Adams OBE at London 2012. Britain’s flyweight boxing champion talks about finding love, her troubled childhood and how she’s priming her body for pro victory

May 2017

Derm O'Logical

"Find down time in your life, whether that’s reading, walking or Exercise. sounds boring but it’s about time management"
Politics, pushing boundaries and proof that Simon Cowell was wrong for letting him go. Inside the mind of Dermot O’Leary - TV’s Mr Nice Guy

April 2017

Prepare to marvel

"I believe that what I eat is better medicine than anything that can be prescribed. I don’t do diets, I do lifestyle"
Unapologetically outspoken, actress Zoe Saldana lives a simple, honest life in a world that glitters. Balance meets one of Hollywood’s most fearless souls…

March 2017


No regrets

"I have a punitive super-ego so whatever anyone has said about me, I’ve said worse about myself"
It’s two years since he split from Gwen Stefani. Now Gavin Rossdale opens up to Balance about new love, fatherly devotion and using therapy to be a better man

February 2017

Super Woman

"My mental health is ruled by my physical health. If I stay physically fit I feel good, generally"
Her trademark positivity defies a lifetime of struggle. Davina McCall on fighting for her future and why her journey of self-discovery will never end

January 2017

Boy wonder

"Failure is something that drives you and gives you the motivation to get back out there and do it even better"
He's grown up under the glare of the public eye. Now Tom Daley is older, wiser and ready to reflect

December 2016

Light Up London

"Humans notice what’s wrong more quickly. We amplify it and overlook what is going right"
For many people, 2016 has not been a good year. But as 2017 gets ever nearer, it’s time to question your reaction to the news, be positive and look ahead with a fresh perspective

November 2016

The Green light

"Happiness is not consistent. I had this illusion that if I started to do well, then I’d be happy. But, of course, I wasn’t"
Behind the headlines and gritty lyrics, Professor Green is a gentle man determined to put his struggles to good use. Balance meets the real Stephen Manderson

October 2016

Private secretary

"Believe it or not, I'm not someone who likes to be in the limelight, so it's bizarre that acting is my profession."
Despite a succession of Hollywood blockbusters, including the two most recent James Bond movies, Naomie Harris has no interest in the glamour of the red carpet - she'd rather spend her time out the limelight in a flotation tank

September 2016

The man behind the model

"Everything is achievable but it's hard work. Unfortunately, there is no short cut. I wish there was."
The road to becoming an international superstar is a tough one to tread – but David Gandy says he learnt to rely on his steely self-belief to succeed

July 2016

Off the Pegg

"As actors, we're encouraged to believe we're the most important cog in the wheel, but we're just a tiny part"
Actor Simon Pegg has re-evaluated what's really important in his life, following the tragic death of Star Trek Beyond co-star Anton Yelchin

June 2016

Heart of Gould

"I've learned to deal with anxiety. Time is a healer, as is living in the present and not dwelling on the past or the future"
Global music sensation Ellie Goulding is anything but your typical pop star. She reveals how she trains her way to wellbeing, has learned how to manage anxiety and is taking on the male-dominated music industry

May 2016

Under no illusions Dynamo

"I'm a role model so it's important that I inspire people for the right reasons"
Magician Dynamo reveals to Gemma Calvert why life wasn't always a box of tricks, and how he got through the tough times to be the successful role model is he today.

April 2016

Idris Elba Interview

"I would like to make my entire family happy and secure. It's a lifelong dream of mine: to make them happy"
Beyond the fame and fortune, Idris Elba has a work ethic to boot. Martin Daubney finds out what makes this London lad determined to inspire a new generation