A must-know breathing technique for a karma commute

Getting to work can cause tensions to rise. Make this breathing technique as indispensable as your Oyster

Karma Commute: Kindness changing the way you travel

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Karma Commute: Kindness changing the way you travel
September 5, 2019   |    Georgia Lockstone

The morning commute can be an overwhelming experience for people of all ages; with the overpacked train carriages and the fear of missing your connecting train or tube. Not to mention the heat adding an extra layer of frustration and discomfort  in those hot Summer months. However, we are here to help you put yourself at ease with a little bit of kindness.


Seventy-three per cent of 25-34 year olds felt their commute was negatively impacting their stress levels, a recent poll by online estate agent Good Move suggested. This is largely unsurprising, considering the recent growth in popularity of London’s slightly more affordable (yet less-accessible) zones three and beyond. These popular areas provide more opportunity for delays and diversions to leave us feeling pent-up and frustrated, before we’ve even arrived at the office. All in all, not a great start to the day


Research has shown acts of kindness stimulate the release of the love hormone, oxytocin, which reduces tension by lowering blood pressure, and also makes us more trusting, friendly and optimistic. Carrying out good deeds triggers production of mood-regulating Serotonin in the brain, so the next time you get on the train, let someone go before you, or throw an anxious-looking parent a smile. If you’re an Uber addict, take an Uber Pool, and chat with your fellow passengers; you might just feel a surge of goodwill.


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