Be kind this new year

Pledge to make changes
Be kind this new year
January 12, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

Each January I find myself scoffing leftover sherry trifle for breakfast, eyes bloodshot, slightly hungover, propped up against a fridge heaving with leftovers, and I feel obliged to promise to give things up, until I remember this is a daft idea. Join me and make some celebratory New Year’s Revolutions instead. Take three pledges, resolving to live more and live well.


Write down the three things you like doing most and make sure you do each one at least once a month. Take time to watch the sun go down, find time to be silly and time to do nothing. Be kind to yourself.

Do something good in your community – have a tidy up of your local park or simply get to know your neighbours.


I know and love all my neighbours: often I answer the door and a small child carrying a large bowl of baba ganoush will be on the doorstep. I return the favour by taking around cakes – it stops myself from eating them all.


And now for the environment. It can be a small thing like starting compost or planting a tree. Just be sure the pledges make you happy.
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