#BeKind and reach out

#BeKind and reach out
June 13, 2016   |    Bernadette Russell

A while ago, my friend Kirsty’s nana died, leaving her best pal, Joyce, lonely, sad and isolated. She had no family close by and had few visitors. I decided to get Joyce’s address from Kirsty and sent her a card I’d made and a bottle of Yardley’s lavender perfume.


Months went by and I heard nothing back. I wondered if it had ever arrived or whether Joyce hated lavender, perfume or cards. Then, one day, Kirsty told me that Joyce received the gift and was amazed that someone she didn’t know had gone to so much trouble. She kept the card on her mantelpiece to remind her of the kindness of strangers – and she even started venturing out again.

Joyce’s reaction taught me a valuable lesson: to trust that when you do something kind it will have a positive effect, even though you might never find out how.


Last week, I sent a book to a friend who was feeling low to show her I was thinking about her. She loved it and said to send chocolate
next time to eat while reading! I think I may have started a trend.

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