WIN! A Caleño Tropical Twinpack – Let’s Joy-Up January

WIN! A Caleño Tropical Twinpack – Let’s Joy-Up January
January 4, 2021   |    Balance Media
Let’s Joy-Up Dry January, together! Cheers!

Caleño was born out of personal frustration. Founder Ellie was on an alcohol-free night out with friends during Dry January, getting down to some Latin funk. But something was bugging her. Why should not drinking mean not having fun? Caleño is here to bring joy to not drinking.

We’re giving 10 lucky winners the chance to win a Caleño Tropical Twinpack which includes our Light & Zesty and Dark & Spicy 20cl bottles – it’s time to set your spirit free!

Caleño is a range of distilled non-alcoholic spirits inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of Colombia. Our founder, Ellie is on a mission to bring joy to not ‘drinking’ by capturing the intense flavours, rhythms and colours of her vibrant motherland.

Light & Zesty is a distilled zesty infusion of tropical, citrus and spice botanicals. Featuring pineapple and papaya tropical notes as well as our iconic golden Inca berry, which is sweet, yet tangy with hints of lemon peel and citrus fruit flavours. A refreshing blend served over ice, topped with tonic and garnished with a fresh Inca berry, perfect for sunny daytime socials.

Dark & Spicy is a golden and spicy distillation, packed with tropical notes of pineapple and coconut, combined with a light ginger spice, smooth vanilla notes and hints of lime. A warming blend served over ice, topped with soda and a generous squeeze of fresh lime. Perfect for those bare-legged balmy nights.


A Caleño Tropical Twinpack, which includes:

  • 1x 20cl Light & Zesty bottle
  • 1x 20cl Dark & Spicy bottle


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