WIN 3 pairs of eco-friendly sunglasses

WIN 3 pairs of eco-friendly sunglasses
Hang on to the summer with a pair of these stylish sunnies
August 21, 2019   |   

Sunglasses are a necessary fashion accessory, but their most important job is to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, conventional sunglasses – made with a combination of plastic, metal, paint – are very hard to recycle and contribute unnecessarily to the pollution of our environment. Thankfully, there are brands that make sunnies which protect your eyes, look great and are eco-friendly at the same time.

FreshforPandas is an innovative, unisex, stylish sunglasses concept with an eco twist – sustainability is at the core of the company. Named after our bamboo-eating friends, all sunglasses are handcrafted out of high quality natural materials such as wood, bamboo and buffalo horn, which is a by-product of water buffalo farming in India.

The FreshforPandas story is that of Andrea and JP, two Londoners who met in 2016, and ever since then had a dream to live creatively and contribute every way they can to a greener, more sustainable future. They are firm believers that every small change has an impact on the bigger picture, and every step they take on leaves a small footprint behind. To further their eco mission, and both with a passion for sunglasses, they founded FreshforPandas, a direct-to-consumer sustainable brand that is 100% online and passes the savings on to the consumer.

The frames come in a variety of colours from classic to vibrant, including a quirky rainbow line, and lenses in a choice of mirrored, polarised or dark tinted. Prices range from £39 to £125. The founders live and breathe the eco lifestyle and are on a mission to show the world that you can help the planet and still be on trend. They have also successfully achieved the first eco sunglasses that can ride the waves, making it impossible for you to lose them at sea!

For your chance to win one of three pairs, enter now! Closing date: 20 September 2019.


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