Six steps to a rejuvenated you
January 12, 2017   |    Balance team


Naturya Maca Powder – Organic
Maca isn’t a loveable former Beatle who has a penchant for giving thumbs up. Rather, it’s a hardy root vegetable, capable of surviving high altitudes. Inca warriors chowed down on maca before charging into battle. OK, so day-to-day work might not be a ‘battle’, but it’s something to bear in mind when you add maca powder to a shake or smoothie.


Wake Up! by Chris Barez-Brown
Some self-help books fail to stay with you. Chris Barez-Brown, however, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and slaps you across the face via a series of experiments and challenges, all with a view to waking you up. You’ll watch no TV for a week, walk through a wood, make a paper aeroplane and generally be a bit more awake.
£9.99, Penguin Life


Boost Oxygen
Cynics will argue that they manage breathing well enough without buying oxygen. However, an adult typically breathes seven to eight litres of air per minute, with only 20-21% of that being oxygen (nitrogen comes out on top). Boost Oxygen gives a blast of 95% oxygen, giving you an instant lift.


Nike Flyknit Racer
If you’re taking on a marathon this year – or, indeed, you’re stepping up the running a notch – then these beauties will help you on your way. They weigh just 5.6kg and feel like a second skin, so it’s small wonder that some of the best marathon runners wear these in competition. And, when it’s cold and wet outside, they make you stop watching box-sets and get off the sofa (this last bit isn’t true).


Fare Healthy
You won’t find people face down in mud following eight pints of warm cider at this festival. Rather, Fare London is a celebration of all things wellness. There are talks, exercise classes and food stalls, with the likes of Deliciously Ella, Core Collective and Hotpod Yoga at London’s iconic Truman Brewery.


Polar A360
Malcolm Gladwell was writing about hours, rather than footsteps in his seminal book Outliers (£9.99, Penguin). However, the 10,000 rule applies to most of us when it comes to fitness tracking; as long as we’ve taken our 10,000 steps, we go to bed happy. But the Polar A360 takes things up a notch, steering you towards a more active life, suggesting a run, rather than just steps. It’s also waterproof to monitor an active swim.

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