Sadie’s world: What really matters in life?

It’s the simple things in life that put a smile on Sadie Frost’s face these days…
Sadie’s world: What really matters in life? I WANT MORE DATE NIGHTS WITH MY FAMILY – NO GADGETS IN SIGHT
February 8, 2017   |    Sadie Frost

For someone who has travelled incessantly, you’d have thought I’d have discovered how to overcome jet lag by now. And yet, having just arrived back from LA, the world seems pixelated, as though my head is encased in a bubble, although my feet (and heart) have most definitely arrived back in London.

Insomnia sucks at the best of times. I should know – there was a time when I’d only manage two hours’ sleep a night which left me feeling anxious and on edge.


Life’s a lot calmer, now, thanks to my daily meditation and yoga practise – taking time out for myself helps me juggle my roles as a parent, actress, producer and fashion designer. Us Londoners are awfully good at juggling, aren’t we? And not so good at finding balance. If you’re anything like me, it can take a lifetime to achieve a ‘work/life balance’ and just a millisecond to lose it. And yes, I realise I may be in a privileged position, but time doesn’t discriminate. Too often, we make our lives far more difficult than they need to be. How many times have you heard yourself saying ‘everything was so much simpler when I was young’? The days before tablets, iPhones, social media, Snapchat and YouTube seemed to mean so much more. We used our eyes. We talked to each other. We were less uptight. I feel sad that my four kids will never experience simplicity in the way that I did. We’re so attached to these obnoxious devices that allude to making us ‘more connected’ and ‘happier’, but have dangerously turned our lives into some messed up popularity contest.


Speaking of technology, I encourage my family to switch off their phones when we eat together – I’ll usually cook a vegetarian roast, or order in a spicy southern Indian takeaway, which is our favourite. I spend at least an hour convincing the kids to leave their phones in their bedrooms.

But the upshot is so rewarding. The other night, I caught sight of these beautiful beings, chatting and listening to one another without any gadgets to distract them, and I just welled up! I want more of this, (not the welling up), the innocent date nights with my family. I urge you to do the same.

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