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Rebalance: 5 things that will make you happier this month

Six steps to a more successful you
Rebalance: 5 things that will make you happier this month
July 10, 2017   |   


Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave

Creativity is essential for success. It inspires great ideas and fosters innovation. Be transported at this stonking Katsushika Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum, which takes in the Japanese artist’s best-loved works, drawings, books and more. It’s also an impressive collection: Katsushika was still banging out career-best stuff well into his 80s.


The James Altucher Show (podcast)

We love everything about author, investor and podcaster James Altucher. The endearingly eccentric native New Yorker hosts an inspiring, insightful and, frankly, occasionally shambolic podcast, interviewing a rich variety of guests (business leaders, entertainers, war veterans and more) to help listeners be more successful in all aspects of their lives. James always writes down 10 things he learned from each guest, and advises you to adopt similar life hacks.


Adidas Warp Knit

What do Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Michelle Obama have in common? They’re incredibly successful, granted. And, crucially, they all work out. After all, exercise makes you more productive. The new Adidas training collection, Warp Knit, is currently women-only (sorry, chaps) and has been specifically designed to allow for a full range of motion.


Google Home

This voice-activated home help is no doubt another inexorable step towards robots ruling the Earth, but until then, let’s enjoy the good times. The sleek, chic Google Home is ideal for any busy person, given it can manage your calendar, tell you stock prices, keep you up to date with the news and, like any good roommate, can even lower the thermostat.


Aspinal notebooks

Cover star Richard Branson, like fellow billionaire Bill Gates, swears by a notepad. The Virgin boss is forever scribbling away because, as he puts it, ‘an idea not written down is an idea lost.’ Treat yourself to a notebook (£50, Aspinal) you’ll look after and be sure to turn notes into goals.

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