Marianne Williamson on how to replace fear with love

‘The world, as we perceive it, is dominated by a thought system based on fear. Darkness is merely the absence of light and when you turn on the light, the darkness is gone'
Marianne Williamson on how to replace fear with love
June 10, 2017   |    Marianne Williamson

A bit about me

I’m interested in the difference between magic and miracles. Religious language works for me, but there’s probably someone out there who uses different language.

Look behind the curtain

From Buddha to Einstein, there is a message that this three-dimensional world is not what it appears to be. That it’s a gigantic illusion that acts like a veil in front of a truer truth. The metaphysical idea is that the world beyond is more real than this one. With meditation, you can hone your capacity to extend your perceptions beyond your physical senses.

The origin of fear

Fear is the absence of love, and when love is present, fear is gone. So there are one of two ways to live. One is to be at the mercy of all the fear. The other is to devote your life to love, where fear is cast out.


If I think of myself as separate from you, I’m tempted to have an inaccurate perception of you and compare myself to you; to believe there is only so much abundance in the world. But there is actually no place where you stop and I start.

Pursuing goals

The part of the mind that decides what we want is, by definition, the part that is trying to compensate for what we think we lack. But you are already complete and whole. You can only feel happy if you feel good about yourself. Just be the best you can be and everything will flow from there.


When we see love approaching, we feel scared because in any moment that you love, the ego disappears. The fact that it scares you is a good thing. It takes conscious awareness to stand in the space of love and not run away. That is the tragedy of so many romantic relationships.


‘Forgiveness is the ultimate way to overcome fear. An attack on another person is an attack on yourself. You can’t focus on your own goal if you focus on someone else’s. But if you focus on their innocence, you can experience your own.’


1. A Return to Love Her inspiring words: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,’ was famously quoted by Nelson Mandela.

2. Author Marianne has had four New York Times’ bestsellers including Tears to Triumph (£11.89, Amazon)

3. Charity Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels programme has served over 10 million meals to people with Aids in California.

4. Oprah Winfrey is a longtime friend and advocates her book, A Course In Miracles.

5. Politics In 2103, Marianne ran as an Independent candidate for California’s 33rd Congressional District.

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