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London’s authentic Indian eats

You needn’t travel to Asia to sample some of the tastiest cuisine in the world – load up your paratha and transport yourself to India
London’s authentic Indian eats
October 13, 2016   |    Charlotte Dormon

The British love Indian food – the curry house classic Chicken Tikka Masala has been voted the nation’s favourite dish on more than one occasion. However, despite its popularity, it doesn’t actually originate from India! The recipe was, in fact, first created in Glasgow by a Bangladeshi chef wanting to appease those with a more ‘sensitive’ palate.

If you’re a fan of spice and want to step out of your curry comfort zone and experience traditional Indian food; visit London’s finest spots.


Indian cuisine, and curry in particular, is often regarded as an unhealthy meal. Some British chefs may even add synthetic dyes and unnatural flavourings to their food to make it
look and taste more appealing.


In contrast, authentic Indian cuisine can actually be incredibly healthy, brimming with fresh vegetables, pulses and spices, such as cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin, which boost the immune system.

Enjoy a real taste of India right on your doorstep



Renowned food blogger Shrimoyee Chakraborty has opened up her first permanent restaurant serving Bengali-style food derived from old family recipes.

Highlights include Phuchka – crisp semolina balls filled with spiced potato dipped in tangy tamarind and mint water, and the Prawn Malai Kari.

And don’t miss out on a classic cocktail.

Covent Garden, Hammersmith & West End


This chain specialises in traditional south Indian cuisine. Its predominantly vegetarian dishes are much lighter and fresher in comparison to the heavier meatier options that are found in northern India.

Many popular dishes such as the Idli and Uthappam are made using lentil and rice flour. Try the famous Mysore Masala served with coconut chutney.



The explosive flavours featured in Potli’s menu allow you to go on an evocative journey around the marketplaces of India.

Quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods are the secret to Potli’s success. Its
chefs roast and grind over 35 fresh spices every day. The Chicken 65 (chunks of chicken breast covered in a light batter, fried and seasoned with black peppercorns and curry leaves) is a house special.



A south Indian gem in the city, with the locals regarding it as one of the best in town. The food is influenced by the home-style cooking and street food found in the lush green and coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka.

As well as a good choice of fragrant and subtly spiced seafood and fish curries, the traditional Indian Thali is delicious. The small seasonal menu changes every couple of months.



This classic Indian hotspot might be a little distance from the centre of town, but it’s well worth the journey.

It started as a members-only club and now offers a fusion cuisine inspired by Indians, who settled in Kenya over 100 years ago. Its delicious grilled meats and spicy kebabs, which have been marinated for 24 hours, have just the right blend of spices for the palate.

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