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The Grooming Guru’s guide to looking younger

To hold back the effects of time, a long-term strategy is best, says The Grooming Guru…
The Grooming Guru’s guide to looking younger
April 10, 2017   |    Lee Kynaston


Although a firm believer that real beauty comes from the inside, Lee sees no harm in giving the outside some TLC

Regardless of your sex, chances are the ageing process is somewhere near the top of your list when it comes to skincare. As someone about to celebrate a birthday even bigger than Balance’s (one that may or may not rhyme with ‘nifty’), it’s certainly at the top of mine.

And I’m not alone because sales of anti-ageing products now account for more than 40% of the entire skincare market.


Even though my face has more tramlines than Croydon town centre, I’m still resistant to the overpriced, overhyped lotions that promise skin will look 20 years younger. And though I’ve tried Botox – once, as part of my job as a beauty writer – I’ve no desire to look like a boiled egg.

Truth is, anti-wrinkle creams are the skincare equivalent of sticking plasters – if you really want to minimise the threat of fine lines, you need to take a more holistic and long-term approach by standing up to skin’s biggest enemies: sugar, smoking and sun damage.

Sugar is a no-no because it attaches itself to collagen in the skin, making it stiff and prone to wrinkling – only Homer Simpson can scoff doughnuts without ageing. Meanwhile, smoking starves the skin of essential nutrients.

Using a moisturiser with built-in sunscreen is the most effective way to minimise ageing caused by sun damage, but make sure you choose one that offers protection from both the sun’s UVB rays – the ones that burn you – and its UVA ones, which are present all year round and responsible for the bulk of skin ageing.

Bolstering skin from the inside is a good insurance policy, too – I’m a big fan of The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic, which promotes gut health as well as good skin.


My favourite anti-ageing strategy, however, comes from Royal Edinburgh Hospital researchers, who found that having sex three times a week makes men and women look, on average, 4-7 years younger. Working out has a very similar effect, apparently, but I know which I’d rather do!

1. Green People Day Solution Cream SPF15, £18 for 50ml

2. The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic, £55 for 100g, Net-a-Porter

3. The Ritual of Dao Bed and Body Mist, £16.50 for 50ml, Rituals

4. Bulldog Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, £8 for 100ml

5. Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Moisturising SPF30 For Face, £25 for 50ml

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