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A first timer’s guide to… Open Brewing

With London Beer Week upon us, Jamie Glassman raises his glass to the modern version of home brewing
A first timer’s guide to… Open Brewing
March 9, 2017   |    Jamie Glassman


Home brewing is so last year. The future is Open. Why bother investing in all the kit when you can join a brewing club with the space to brew and all the gear? Just book a time slot, bring your own ingredients and grab some friends to brew with you. You’ve heard about organising a ‘piss up in a brewery’, well, it really is that simple.

A few brew clubs have opened up in London in the past few years – notably Brew Club in Clapton and UBrew in Bermondsey, where I spent three hours one Friday evening taking an introductory course for £62.


UBrew was started by a couple of guys who wanted to build a community of homebrewers and hankered for the space to brew their own. Having raised far more than they expected via crowdfunding, they rented a couple of railway arches in Bermondsey. It’s big enough for 10 brewing spots and there’s a tap room to drink in before, during and after brewing.

It can be a lengthy process – three or four hours if you miss out the initial stage of preparing your ‘mash’. Twice that if you don’t. But there are long periods when you’ve nothing to do and it seems rude not to have a beer.


Brewing does involve a basic chemistry lesson that was over my head but you don’t have to understand it to follow the idiot-proof process and brew your own. The good people at UBrew are there to hold your hand throughout.

I left a little tipsy and thinking about the drunken conversation which must have occurred when the idea was first conceived – except the next morning, these guys remembered their conversation from the night before and still thought it was a great idea. And you know what? It really was.

Suitable for all beer lovers

£62 for intro courses

3 hours

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