5 restaurants every in-the-know vegan wants to go to

London is home to some of the most exciting vegetarian and vegan restaurants — with not a sock-and-sandal-wearers in sight!
5 restaurants every in-the-know vegan wants to go to
January 8, 2017   |    CHARLOTTE DORMON

Thanks to the likes of social media, food bloggers and the McCartneys’ Meat-Free Monday campaign, veganism has gone mainstream. While a meat-free diet may not be for everyone, for the benefit of your health and our planet, being mindful and cutting down on the amount of animal produce you’re consuming can certainly help.

Tiny Leaf Lee Bar Shot


Health: Research shows that those who eat a predominantly plant-based diet are less likely to suffer from obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

Animals: In the UK, we consume more than double the world average of meat per person, the vast majority of which comes from intensive farming.*

Environment: It takes thousands more litres of water to produce a kilo of beef than to grow the same quantity of grains, vegetables or pulses.

No meat, all veg

Here’s our pick of some of the best vegan restaurants in London:

Primrose Hill

Manna Interior-1

Not many things beat a relaxing weekend lunch at Manna. Classic comfort eats such as the enchilada, bangers and mash and Sunday roast are excellent. Remember to keep some room for pudding – their homemade cakes are so good you would never guess they’re dairy-free.

Mercato Metropolitano, Newington Causeway

Tiny Leaf Crushed Avocado & Chilli

Tiny Leaf is London’s first and only organic, zero waste vegetarian restaurant. Its founders are serious when it comes to sustainability, offering customers a ‘mindful food and drinks experience’ like no other. Chefs create daily dishes from organic surplus food stock supplied by local supermarkets, plant breeders and farms.

Hammersmith & Islington


One of London’s most decadent vegetarian dining hotspots. The Gate is famous for its ability to deliver both imaginative and beautifully presented dishes, that are livened up with vibrant Middle Eastern spices and punchy Italian herbs. The sweet potato and pomegranate salad and the wild mushroom risotto cake are among the highlights.


Ethos - High Resolution134

This stylish restaurant has filled a much needed gap for busy Londoners seeking out a quick and healthy meat-free lunch or dinner. Ethos presents its guests with a selfservice buffet (we’d say banquet!) serving hot and cold food to eat in or take away. Breakfasts are also great at Ethos – don’t miss the toasted banana bread.

Soho, Camden & King’s Cross

Mildreds_SweetPotatoCurry - 161

London’s busiest and most famous vegetarian restaurant, Mildreds, has a bit of a ‘party’ feel – helped along by the epic cocktail list! The food never fails to impress – some favourites include the Sri Lankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry and the grilled gyoza dumplings. And if you like chocolate, the vegan chocolate and peanut butter brownie is a top choice.

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