The 5 best juice bars for your daily vit fix

As the nation’s love for liquid nutrition continues to grow, we slurp through the best places in town to get your speedy hit of fruit and veg
The 5 best juice bars for your daily vit fix
February 8, 2017   |    Charlotte Dormon

Once the reserve of hipster Californians, juiceries have now found their place alongside the capital’s buzzing café culture. It helps that many health-conscious Londoners are looking to drink clean and green – cutting back on post-work pints in favour of a smoothie and a spin class. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the best juice bars. No additives in sight.


Juicing extracts the liquid from fruit or vegetables, leaving the fibrous pulp behind. But not all methods are the same.

Stay cool

The cold-press method, in which no heat is applied to the process, ensures nutrients, vitamins and minerals remain uncompromised.

Savvy choice

Avoid choosing only sweet fruits – try to include leafy veg, too.

For a tasty, filling breakfast, opt for a smoothie with protein powder, nut butter or superfood boost, and nut milk.


Ditch the bog-standard orange juice and head to these hotspots

Juice Baby


Every yogi, nutritionist and healthista goes here. The juices and smoothies use high-quality, certified organic ingredients.

The Green Glow, with cucumber, apple, celery, leafy greens, lemon and ginger, is great if you’re looking for a good cleanse.

For a post-workout boost, try the Chai Spiced Maca, which includes banana, figs, maca, chai spice, pink Himalayan salt, coconut nectar and cinnamon.

Canary Wharf, Fulham


C-Press looks like a pharmacy of juice: wall to wall with fridges full of organic, botanically charged juices, waters and shots that look like they mean business.

The TLC health shot, a blend of turmeric, lime, carrot and cayenne pepper, is good for circulation and your immune system.

The Liver Flush, with beetroot, lemon, milk thistle and dandelion, might be just the tonic after a heavy weekend.

Across London


Head to one of the many branches for an improved range of superfood smoothies, cold pressed juices and herbal infused shots.

Highlights include Protein Power, a blend of organic soy milk, low-fat yogurt, tofu, bananas, raspberries and protein powder – ideal for breakfast.

Lean Green is a delicious mix of green apple, pear, pineapple, spinach, Swiss chard, kiwi, kale, romaine lettuce and parsley.

Canary Wharf, Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus stations


Successful London mixologist, Dan Thompson, realised his passion was more than just a fad, so he launched Supernatural.

He’s masterminded transforming nutrient-dense ingredients into delicious drinks.

The Forever Young, with beetroot, kale, mint, celery, carrot and alkalising aloe vera, is great for aiding digestion.

Broadgate, St Paul’s, Soho


A slick, LA-style juice bar full of brightly coloured bottles, each filled with a bespoke blend of fruit and vegetables, varying from dark green veg mixes to orange and pink fruit fusions.

Staff members are helpful and provide enough nutritional knowledge to direct you to a perfect tonic.

Try the Orchard 4, which is a scrumptious blend of zingy tangerine, carrot and lemon.

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