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5 shops that will make your morning coffee totally worth it

Discover London’s best ethical and independent coffee specialists
5 shops that will make your morning coffee totally worth it
February 14, 2017   |    Charlotte Dormon

Our love of coffee is at an all-time high – in fact London, once far better known for its tea shops, is fast becoming one of the world’s best cities for really good coffee, even giving Rome a run for its money. And it’s the independent coffee specialists, such as those mentioned here, who are really making the difference.


The benefits of buying from an independent are vast. Not only is the taste, quality and ethical credentials of the coffee so much higher (many source and roast their own beans) but the food is top quality, too.



V60 – Drip brewed and filtered through paper for a light brew.
Cold brew – Coffee grounds steeped in water at cold or room temperature for a cool, refreshing drink.
Macchiato – A shot of espresso with a dot of foamed milk.
Piccolo – A short espresso topped with foamed milk.


London’s best coffee shops:

Across London


Grind is one of the hippest brands of coffee bars around, with big beats, smiley staff and a vibrant atmosphere to lift your mood. Its coffee beans are carefully sourced from small boutique growers then roasted to perfection in Grind HQ, before being transported across London in small batches. This cool chain now features espresso and cocktail bars, too.

Kings Cross, Exmouth Market, Bankside


Although many people think of Caravan as a restaurant, this New Zealand-founded hotspot was, in fact, one of the first independent coffee specialists to hit London. Its passion starts with provenance, using only the best, ethically-sourced beans from independent growers. When asked, baristas often say this is their favourite coffee in town.



Another New Zealand-founded coffee shop offering Londoners an artisan experience, Ozone prides itself on sourcing its award-winning beans from some of the world’s most renowned Coffee-growing regions. Downstairs is where the magic happens – the roasting process. Order a large French Press and plate of buttery scrambled eggs with sourdough toast.

Across London


With nine sites in the capital, Taylor’s is proving to be one of the most popular pick-me-ups in the city. And it doesn’t stop there, the ambitious team have just opened their first cafe in New York. If you like yours creamy; the lattes and flat whites are among the best. These lot are serious about good coffee.

Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Holborn, Marylebone


Workshop makes coffee drinking as pleasurable as it gets; sleek interior design and first-rate service from staff who are enthusiastic and educated about coffee. Using AeroPress and Fetco CBS Brewers, Workshop’s house blend tastes so good, it’s a shame to add milk. Plus, the bar serves alcohol – make ours an espresso Martini.

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