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Why we should #BeKind as a nation

Why we should #BeKind as a nation
June 12, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

In the last few weeks we have witnessed incredible acts of courage and kindness in both Manchester and London. These include our heroic emergency services, people offering ‘beds, brews and blood’, Muslim taxi drivers ferrying people home for free, the Rabbi who made cups of tea for police officers, cafés offering free grub, and hotels sheltering kids separated from their parents.


I read about the off-duty police officer who fought the attackers with his bare hands, about the public who helped him as he lay injured, about the Romanian chef who sheltered people inside his bakery. Every minute a new story emerges – and we can all derive hope from them.

These acts were carried out by people from all sorts of different backgrounds, proving this is one of many positive things we have in common – a desire to help each other out.


Look after each other, go out and enjoy yourselves, be vigilant but think the best of people. If you find yourself doubting the good of human beings, look for the evidence yourself, of everyday acts of kindness and courage.

Our attackers are after hate and division, let’s live instead with love and compassion.

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