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Why you should #BeKind to tourists

Why you should #BeKind to tourists
July 10, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

My home is close to Greenwich, which is always full of tourists taking selfies and looking a bit lost. It’s challenging when the tubes are full of excited visitors and their luggage, but as I see it, we’re lucky to live and work somewhere millions of people spend their hard earned cash to come to visit for just a few days.

Plus, they spend even more in our restaurants, shops and museums, which is great for the local economy. Then they go home and tell stories of how beautiful and incredible our city is, which is a source of great pride for all of us.

I love the idea of these guests returning home with other stories, too: how friendly, helpful and charming we are (aren’t we?) To do our bit to make this happen, my sisters and I always volunteer directions to tourists who look lost, even taking them where they need to go if we can spare the time.


We recommend places not in the average guide book, giving insiders’ information on the best exhibitions, shows, cafés, etc. Try this, plus try saying: ‘Welcome to London’ next time you cross paths with a visitor.

In this generous, vivid, big hearted city, there’s room for everyone. Let’s be kind to our visitors – and that way, keep them coming.

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