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Why we should be kind to wildlife, by Bernadette Russell

Why we should be kind to wildlife, by Bernadette Russell
March 6, 2017   |    Bernadette Russell

Three years ago, unable to resist it any longer (I blame cute Facebook videos) my partner and I got an adorable puppy. Although I’d lived in Deptford for 20 years, our dog, Lola, has introduced me to a new community of dog owners, plus the joys of early park walks in all weathers.


I think the human race could learn something about how to live from dogs. Not the ‘bum-sniffing, rolling in poo, eating mouldy chicken off the street’ parts, but the loyal, loving, joie de vivre way dogs live. It made me think about being kind to the birds, squirrels, foxes and other creatures we share London with, and without whom our lives would be poorer.

I started buying extra dog food and donating the tins to a food bank, after hearing that people in financial difficulty can struggle to feed their pets at times. I also often take a bag of bird seed to the park and I bought a dog bed for our local shelter.


There are loads of ways you can help wildlife – visiting your local city farm, or leaving a saucer of water out in the winter. Plus, remember to give yourself time just to stop and listen to the birds now and again.

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