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How to #BeKind at bedtime

How to #BeKind at bedtime
January 13, 2017   |    BERNADETTE RUSSELL

I’m familiar with waking up before the birds, never to return to sleep, then stumbling through the day with a tiny, invisible pixie tugging at the bottom corner of my eyelid (if you’ve had a stretch of sleeplessness you’ll know that pixie).

I’ve tried all the cures: meditation, lavender oil, a self-imposed ban on electronics after 6pm.


But I don’t think it matters when we sleep, as long as we do it.

So when you’re tired, if possible, sleep then. On your days off, get your partner /flatmate /friend to allow you to sleep in by taking over whatever chores, childcare or work would normally get you up. Have a day in bed.


You can return this kindness; if someone you know just doesn’t get enough shut-eye, offer to give them a lie in by taking their tasks off their hands.

If you still can’t sleep, try to rest, think about what makes you happy and set yourself a promise to make time for those activities.

We are under so much pressure to be busy, no wonder it is hard to stop, as if sleeping isn’t important – when it is essential for our wellbeing and sanity. Sweet dreams x

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