The politics of facial hair

It’s time to talk beard hygiene
The politics of facial hair
April 8, 2017   |    BALANCE TEAM


Some men say a bushy beard is a good luck charm, others believe a spattering of facial hair is ‘rugged’, but the expert opinion? A bacteria breeding ground. Because beard hair is coarser than other hair, it traps dirt and germs more easily. Skin infections are also rife in fuzzy-faced men, caused if they have a lot of scale build up. The answer? Wash and groom your beard on a daily basis…


Distinctive, it starts at the cheek line and everything below is left to grow naturally.


A combination of wild and well-groomed, this is one of the most popular styles.


Features a moustache that’s connected to a full beard that grows freely.


Broken down into three parts, it should resemble an inverted T


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