Be kind to your friends

Be kind to your friends
July 10, 2016   |   

Work can become all consuming. Mine is, and even though I love it, weeks can go by and
I realise I haven’t spoken to my dearest pals.

Recently, my friend Clare lost her dog Rosie, who died after a long and happy life as a much-loved woofer. Anyone who’s lost a pet knows what a gap it leaves. It was heartbreaking… and I wasn’t sure how to help.


I remembered I have a copy of her key. When I knew she’d be out, I let myself in and left flowers, a bottle of wine and a drawing of Rosie to make her smile, like a very benevolent burglar.

A week later, just for fun, I got up early and decorated the doorstep of my friend Ben’s flat with a homemade sign (telling Ben how great he was), flowers, sweets and a drawing of his cat.

It was the first thing he saw as he stepped out. He loved it, I loved doing it; it was a win-win.


After that I thought about how seldom I tell my friends how much I love or admire them, imagining they just know that I do. So now I have committed to making sure I tell my friends how amazing they are. Sometimes they’ll respond with ‘yeah, we know; stop going on about it!’
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