Win a Coravin wine system worth £279 to keep your wine fresh for years

The Rolls Royce of wine opening systems could be yours.
Win a Coravin wine system worth £279 to keep your wine fresh for years
December 1, 2017   |   

‘What kind of bottle opener can possibly be worth £279?’, we hear you cry! The answer is simple, ‘A magic one!’

Coravin have come up with a system that lets you pour a glass from your finest bottle without removing the cork. What wizardry is this?  Well, the device’s sleek exterior hides cutting edge tech that pierces a tiny, temporary hole in the cork, extracts the precious contents and replaces it with a harmless, odourless, wine-preserving gas in one smooth, effortless action, leaving the bottle seemingly untouched.

Coravin’s creator, mechanical engineer and wine guru Greg Lambrecht, modelled the system on mosquitos and claims to have been slowly sipping from some of his rarest bottles for as long as 10 years using the device without it taking any toll on the taste.

One lucky winner will win one of Coravin’s state-of-the-art Model Two Elite Red Wine System that retails for £279. For your chance, just enter below…


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