Balance’s festive gift guide: Food

For those who enjoy both naughty and nice
Balance’s festive gift guide: Food
November 14, 2016   |    Balance Team

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Movenza Coo at the design. Gasp at the way it automatically opens. And then enjoy a completive silence as you enjoy that first coffee of the day. £169.99,

Harry Specters Chocolates. As if this hand-made chocolate wasn’t delicious enough, Harry Specters creates employment for young people with autism. £27,

Skinny Prosecco. We’re not saying drinking this will give you washboard abs, but guilt-free glugging tastes even sweeter. £40,

Beer Bread Mix. Drink less beer and bake more bread with this Soberdough sack. And no, we’re not making it up! £12.50,

Panettoni G Cova & C. This hand-wrapped panettone with candied chestnuts and raisins is a family winner. £25.95,

Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus. As well as soups, you can also create jams, pasta sauces, curries and risottos. £140,

De Beauvoir Deli Coffee Lover’s Gift Box Containing seasonal single origin coffees, this box-set is a real in-law pleaser. £36,

Highgrove Organic Orange Marmalade. Prepare to make toast sing, given there’s a helping of Marc de Champagne. £6.95, fortnum

Planet Organic The Superfoodist hamper. Essentially the greatest hits of the superfood world tucked into one hamper. £85,


Vouchers to inspire, excite and open the mind

Floatworks. Floatation goes beyond meditation: it can benefit those suffering from anxiety, poor sleep, muscle injury and depression. With Christmas in mind, Single Float Gift Cards from £40 (usually £50) and multiple packages are available.

The School Of Life. Only at this London boutique of the brain would you find Katie Price in conversation with Alain de Botton (yes. Really. On 16 November). Vouchers are ideal for anyone you know who enjoys an evening class and likes to ask life’s big questions.

SOLT Theatre Tickets. A successful trip to Theatre Land often results in the following conversation: ‘We should go to the theatre much more often. Perhaps every week?’ And then you don’t go for another year. A great gift for a partner (that way you can go, too).

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